Thursday, September 2, 2010

What multinationals like Nestle want

When you walk around in a mall, you see these small booths and big stalls and stores where they sell all sorts of items.

When you walk pass by, you have promo girls saying, "Bili na, sir (or "Would you like to buy something to you white guys who can't speak the local language)."

Even the real estate stalls where they sell condo units? What they really want to say is, "We want your money."

So when prospective distributors come to multinationals, these companies, all they see is money, opportunity, and money. They want your money. They want everyone else's money. They want money. Yes, that's what they want. Even the birds and the bees because they know they can slap a tag on it say, SM Bonus or Nestle, then make a gazillion bucks.

Business. That's how it is. Money makes the world go round. Not anything else although physics and science will tell you otherwise.

Now they enter into supposedly simple things like distributors' agreements except that it is so slanted against the distributor because of unrealistic prices set by the sales director. Failure to comply means termination of a the relationship.

Then during a marathon they recently sponsored there was a news blackout after a runner expired!

They not only want your money but they want to suppress the truth.

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